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We believe that Hollywood Ballet has the potential of becoming one of the premiere ballet organizations in North America.

Our goal is to enrich  Southern California with influential performances that will contribute to shape the culture, education and social climate within our local communities.

We want to make Hollywood Ballet a point of interest in the international panorama, a staple of Los Angeles, and ultimately the desired company to dance in for future generations of dancers.


Photos by Edie Tyebkhan

In the theatre

The Excellence of Tradition

Through Hollywood Ballet we pledge to bring on stage the classics of the 19th and 20th century that have made the history of ballet, as our local audiences have yet to see most of these great productions!


The Excitement of Innovation 

Hollywood Ballet delivers works inspired by Hollywood stories.

Hollywood Holidays, an original creation, premiered on December 28th, 2023, at the Orpheum Theater in DTLA.

Ghost, a duet inspired by the movie Ghost (1990), was presented at our Inaugural Party in August at The Ebell Theater of Los Angeles.

Additionally, Hollywood Ballet is working on short and full length ballet themed screenplays for visual media and movies.

String Quartet

The Thrill of Live Music

At Hollywood Ballet we believe in the power of Live Music! Whether it is a full orchestra, a smaller ensemble, a quartet or a soloist, our shows are always graced by live music performances.


Artistic Empowerment

We are in business to make things better for dancers and artists! Hollywood Ballet springs from our desire to create a work environment that supports the physical, mental, spiritual and financial health of all our Members and Collaborators.

Teaching ballet

Mentoring and Trainee Program

At Hollywood Ballet we would like to offer a one of a kind one-year free Trainee Talent Program as well as consistent mentoring to the Company’s Members to nurture their artistic and personal development.


Local Roots, International Connections

Hollywood Ballet would love to share its local cultural roots with International Ballet Stars and Guest Artists to promote diversity, encourage inclusion, inspire our audiences and enrich our communities. 

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