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Live music

We are lucky to partner with Musical Director and Conductor Daniel Suk for every performance: no more recorded music, everything will be rigorously played live and with a full size orchestra. Audiences will get the full package: live music, a first level company, artistry at its finest, impressive costumes and sets… 



We believe that mentoring our dancers (especially the younger generations) should be a priority. We pledge to help our dancers become the best artists they can be, and support and be there for them even when they decide to move on to their next adventure. 



We will perform the greatest classics of the 19th and 20th century. Most of the greatest productions that made the history of ballet have yet to be seen by local audiences. We can’t wait to change that!  

Toe Stand

Competitive Pay

We are in this business to make things better for the performing artists! We believe that financial health is extremely important  and we are against dancers’ exploitation. Happy dancers equals more focused and committed dancers...


Trainee Talent Program

We believe that trainees shouldn’t be paying to join our company. We will offer a one year trainee talent program to prospective young dancers that will include: taking part in all the classes, rehearsals, performances, new works/projects, and the opportunity to be mentored, and to learn from the best ballet dancers of today.  



We will bring innovative works, and be leaders of change in the ballet industry worldwide. We can’t disclose our biggest innovation yet, but you will be able to learn about it soon :)  


Dancers Empowerment

Our dancers will thrive in a company with an organizational culture that supports diversity, non-discrimination, meritocracy and inclusion; a company that promotes communication, mental and financial health, personal growth and empowerment.

In the theatre

Guest Ballet Stars

We will have our own Principal Dancers, Soloists and Corps the Ballet, but we plan to also have world ballet stars come guest with us, to enrich our shows, educate the community, and inspire our own dancers… 

In the theatre


We pledge to bring only excellence in every performance, hire the best dancers, teachers, choreographers and musicians, and never compromise on quality nor artistry.  

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